Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Scoops: Bond Dude as Ice Pop

Oh, what to call frozen goodness on a stick?  

In other English speaking countries, the term is "ice lolly" but here in the US, most people say "Popsicle." I try not to use "Popsicle" because it's a trademarked brand name and really isn't all that representational of what I'm doing (all-natural, homemade, etc).  So I always write the technical term for the treat which is "ice pop."  I find this completely awkward because, let's face it, no one ever calls them that.  That said, writing or saying "ice pop" isn't half as awkward as this madness:

Yes, that's Daniel Craig, the latest actor to utter the words, "Bond.  James Bond," as a frozen dessert.  Apparently, there was a contest in the UK that asked people "Who do you want to see as an ice lolly?" and this dude won. 

Given the opportunity, I think I the only English guy I would have voted for is Jay Kay from the band Jamiroquai - but only if he still wears all those ridiculous hats.


  1. You know, I can't actually think of anyone, English or otherwise, that I would want to eat in ice pop form. Maybe characters from old tv shows, Dukes of Hazzard, Fantasy Island...that would be fun!

  2. Hmm...the whole crew from the Love Boat would be good. Or that Charlie's Angel's silhouette.