Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Inspired by Havemeyer: The Cherry Blossom Collection

The giant old man of a building on the waterfront of the Williamsburg section in Brooklyn is the Domino Sugar Factory.  God, do I love it.  It was spewing white steam and odd smells when I first moved here many moons ago but it's been empty for some years now.  From the way I understand it, the sugarcane was grown in the Dominican Republic then processed in here.  I was always jealous that the factory workers got to have lunch in the tiny park right on the water when the weather was nice.  A pretty little park just for them.  

Like everything else that surrounds me, it will be a luxury condo one day soon.  And by "luxury condo" I mean "small shoddily constructed apartment for sale in the 'right' zip code."  Oh, dear, reader, I shan't bore you with my endless annoyance of urban rezoning for the wealthy but know that my irritation is real and fairly dramatic.  Instead, I will stay on topic and say this: the Havemyer family were the first owners of the sugar factory.

That doesn't sound like I stayed on topic at all, does it? Well, I did, because a few weeks ago I shot this:

These are the cherry blossoms that line Havemeyer Street.  Yes, the family got it's own namesake.  The street is pretty, no?  But, look, if I pull back, it's not pretty at all.  

It's a bus depot.  I suppose that's how I will have to see all these high rise apartments changing my neighborhood right before my eyes - they are as pretty as I choose to see them.  And the pretty that I chose to see...

inspired something truly lovely.  Introducing....

The Cherry Blossom Collection!
Freezer pops made with: 
Edible blossoms
Cherry juice (naturally)
Peach nectar
Grape juice

For this spring quickly turning into summer, I challenge myself to let go of my big city angst and see something pretty everyday.  One woman who sees beauty everywhere she goes is Alix, The Cherry Blossom Girl.  I don't know her but she's a blogger in Paris who takes dreamy pictures and wears fantastic outfits like:
Every time I check her blog, her whimsy and her hats inspire me to no end so, Alix, these Cherry Blossom Pops are for you!



  1. They almost look too pretty to eat.

    I love your fab outfit, too. I love the sequence of action photos. First you're all dainty, then by the end it's "CHOMP."

    (btw, I recently did this "tag" thing on my blog, where I answered a bunch of random questions about myself, and 'favorite ice cream' was one of the answer was thandai, which is a spiced sweet milky Indian beverage. I've only had cheap thandai ice cream, but I bet homemade thandai ice cream would rock so hard.)

  2. They are not too pretty to eat...because you can always make more! These pops are so easy to make that I highly recommend them for a party. The white grape juice with peach nectar were my favorites.

  3. Re: Thandai - never heard of it and will most definitely explore. Thanks!