Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Machine

How did my boyfriend come to decide that an ice cream maker was the best Christmas gift for me?

"It was a choice between an ice cream maker or a new jacket," he said. "I picked the ice cream maker because, you're a nine year old girl and that's what a nine year old girl wants for Christmas."

Like butter, allow me to clarify.

Because I am silly, enjoy dancing like a maniac, and happen to find fart jokes positively hilarious, my boyfriend thinks I am a nine year old girl. I've told him time and again, "I'm 10! Double digits, dude! Double digits!"

This was our goofy little joke until a friend of mine pointed out, "If you're a nine year old girl, what does that make him?"

Now, it's not our funny joke anymore.

So, the machine. It's the Cuisinart ICE-20. Here's the glamour shot straight from the Cuisinart website:
I happen to love this appliance. It's simple and straightforward. However, I will admit, I miss the old school kind of machine. No, not the hand crank. Only people who don't love themselves miss the hand crank. I mean the kind that were electric and you added your own ice around the sides to the chamber. You had more control with those. If the ice cream wasn't stiffening, just add more ice. The new fangled variety has a chamber that is kept in the freezer. That is, it's taking up valuable real estate in your freezer at all times. Woe be the person who keeps it in the cabinet for it takes eight hours or so for it to freeze. Mine lives in the real estate and truthfully, I wouldn't have it any other way. You have to be ready!

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