Monday, March 30, 2009

If Books Could Chill: Pops!

I thought I was so clever last time I went to Ikea, but then again, Ikea always makes me feel clever. I go around pushing that jumbo shopping cart picking up not just a table, but a Forsby table. Dishes are called Ljuvlig and beds are Noresund. After twenty minutes, I'm like, "Ja, I caan toaatally speak Sveeedish now!"

On the way to the checkout I spied some molds for making ice pops. Score! I mean, Skoar! I went home and got busy making lemon-mint syrup. The syrup turned out A-okay and while I was filling up the freezer molds I nearly collapsed under the weight of my brilliance. "I'm going to suspend whole pieces of mint in these. No one has EVER done THAT before. Ja, ja, ja I'm the cleverist girl in Brooklyn!" Two days later, I was at a bookstore and saw this -

Okay, so I'm not that clever or Swedish but I am industious and terribly excited. Ms. Krystina Castella has put all things delectable in an ice lolly from sour plums to rum. I will be experimenting with this book often. Stay tuned...

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