Sunday, May 3, 2009

Inspired by Chinatown part two

So, back to the jaunt that I took in Chinatown a few weeks ago.  As I mentioned, I was at Bangkok Center Grocery where I bought Thai tea, a can of lychees and a packet of Kaffir lime leaves.  I didn't have that clear of a direction on the lychees or the lime leaves but I love Thai food and figured I could do something with them.  As you would imagine, Bangkok Center sells cans of lychee, rambutan, and other fruits that are super popular in Asia.  

So, how did this:

become this?

I Googled a recipe for lychee sorbet, duh!  

This one comes from Recipezaar.  I don't know why, but this recipe was really fun to make.  I think the bright, pinky-white color just looks so refreshing that it gives you a nice feeling.  It reminded me of a light rose champagne, Pink Lady apples, white peaches, or sunlight tempered by a tulip tree.  

In the end, the sorbet had a beautiful floral nose, a great texture, and lovely color but for my personal taste, I am sorry to say, it was a tad too sweet.  I would like to try this one again down the line but would either use fresh lychees or alter the part where you add the syrup from the can.  Fresh lychees are available May through July so I'm sure I'll see them on the fruit carts of Chinatown and minute now.  I have not lost hope!

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